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Policy Updates

Each month, we create these brief synopses to help parents, educators, and advocates stay up-to-date and informed on events and decisions on Capitol Hill and around the world. The following is a list of recent policy updates related to international policy. To see all our policy updates, go to our Policy Updates page.


Un Secretary-General Launches New Initiative On Reproductive, Maternal, and Newborn Health (April 2010)

South Africa Approves New HIV/AIDS Plan (March 2010)

Obama Administration Announces New Members of the Presidential Advisory Council On HIV/AIDS (February 2010)

Congress Introduces the International Violence Against Women Act of 2010 (February 2010)

Secretary of State Commemorates the 15th Anniversary of the Icpd (January 2010)

Pepfar Five-Year Strategy Released (December 2009)

President Obama Ends Discriminatory and Ineffective HIV Travel Entry Ban (November 2009)

High-Level Meeting Declares Family Planning Critical To Overcoming Maternal Mortality (November 2009)

Ambassador Goosby Convenes Ngo Forum at State Department To Discuss Pepfar (October 2009)

Ngo Forum in Berlin Marks 15th Anniversary of the International Conference On Population and Development (October 2009)

Secretary of State Clinton Addresses HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Gender-Based Violence During Visit To Africa (September 2009)

Participants in Latin American and Caribbean Regional Consultations Seek To Advance Sexuality Education and Ensure Safe Schools (September 2009)

Ambassador Goosby Begins To Reveal New Directions in U.S. Global HIV/AIDS Policy Agenda at the International AIDS Society Conference (August 2009)

35th G8 Summit: Advocacy Groups Urge G8 Leaders To Strengthen HIV/AIDS Programs and To Invest in Women’s Health (July 2009)

Ministerial Meeting in Jamaica Reaffirms Commitment To Sex Education and HIV Prevention (June 2009)

Economy, Lack of Resources Dominate Conversation at 2009 HIV/AIDS Implementers Meeting (June 2009)

President Obama Creates Global Health Initiative (May 2009)

African First Ladies Champion Women’s Health and Rights at Us Summit (May 2009)

United States Renews Support for Reproductive Rights at United Nations (April 2009)

Melanne Verveer Appointed First Ambassador-At-Large for Global Women’s Issues (March 2009)

The United States Government Declares Support for the UN Statement On Human Rights, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity (March 2009)

President Obama Reverses the Global Gag Rule (February 2009)

Help Wanted: Visionary Leadership Needed To Fill Global AIDS Coordinator Post (February 2009)

International Conference Held To Address Global Health Worker Shortages (January 2008)

Hiv Travel Ban: New Regulation Draws Outrage From Advocates and Policymaker (December 2007)

The United Nations Convenes Special Session To Discuss A World Fit for Children (December 2007)

Unaids Report Revises Global HIV/AIDS Estimates (November 2007)

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Reports A Rise in HIV/AIDS Cases in Europe (November 2007)

The Politics of HIV/AIDS Prevention 2008: Presidential Candidates Provide Views On Sex Education, Needle Exchange, National AIDS Plan, Pepfar (November 2007)

Un Releases New Financial Resources Report for HIV/AIDS (October 2007)

International Human Rights Case Targets Teen Star Program in Croatia (October 2007)

South African President Fires Deputy Health Minister and AIDS Activist Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge (August 2007)

Pepfar To Fund Male Circumcision Programs AS Prevention Strategy in Some African Countries (August 2007)

Female Genital Mutilation May Persist Despite Attempts To Curtail It (July 2007)

Vatican Criticizes Newly Unveiled Amnesty Abortion Policy (June 2007)

House Approves Bill That Would Allow for Waiver of Pepfar’s Abstinence Spending Requirements (June 2007)

President Bush Announces Request for $30 Billion for Pepfar (May 2007)

Mexico City Legalizes Abortion (April 2007)

Developing Countries Need To Strengthen HIV/AIDS Prevention Efforts; Access To Antiretroviral Treatment Not Sufficient (April 2007)

Institute of Medicine Releases Pepfar Report (March 2007)

Landmark Abortion Decision By European Court of Human Rights (March 2007)

Portugal Set To Legalize Abortions (February 2007)

Rwandan Government Proposes Legislation Limiting Family Size (February 2007)

New Report Highlights Challenges for Pepfar in Vietnam (January 2007)

PEPFAR Information

PEPFAR in Vietnam: Are the Prevention Needs of Youth Being Met?
This special report details the state of HIV/AIDS in Vietnam and provides a set of recommendations to make PEPFAR prevention programming more applicable to the realities faced by the country's youth.

PEPFAR Country Profiles
This publication includes individual profiles of the 15 countries receiving HIV/AIDS-related aid under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). These country profiles are intended as a concise guide and resource for those who are advocating for young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide.

Advocacy Resources

A Common Border, A Shared Goal: Lessons and Inspiration from Mexico for Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
This publication documents a collaboration between SIECUS and organizations in Mexico that we hope can serve as a model for others who are seeking to make a difference across borders in order to advance shared goals.

Understanding Religious and Political Opposition to Reproductive Health and Rights
This resource guide, co-produced by SIECUS, International Planned Parenthood Federation, and Planned Parenthood of America, summarizes the tactics that opponents of reproductive health and rights use to disparage reproductive and sexual health efforts across the world.

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